publications/ Esquire Italy, Esquire Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Italy, Elle Italy, Nylon Germany

photographers/ Lera Polivanova, Boris Camaca, Igor Pjorrt, Joe Cruz, Erika Kamano, Jim C. Nedd, Geray Mena, Jorre Janssens, Alessia Gunawan, Caroline Tompkins, Jamie Lee Taete, Federica Sasso, Noel Quintela, Pietro Cocco, Sara Bastai, Conor Cunningham, Henrik Blomqvist, Silvia Rosi, Iris Humm, Timothy Schaumburg, Claudia Ferri, Alessio Keilty, Valerio Nico, Jo Fetto, Dario Salamone, Teo Giovanni Poggi, Anna Adamo, Riccardo Apostolico, CG Watkins

brands/ Armani Exchange, Audemars Piguet, Woolrich, Christian Louboutin, Ferragamo, Happy Socks, PT Torino, Berwich, Vivetta, Green George, Filippo de Laurentiis
full portfolio upon request*

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